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Nimbin Day Trip

Anyone who has ever been to Byron will tell you to do a day trip to Nimbin.

Nimbin is a little hippy town about an hours drive inland from Byron, made famous by the 1973 Aquarius festival.

It’s famous on the backpacker trail for one main reason – cookies.

Nimbin cookies aren’t of the choc chip variety though…their special ingredient is hash!

Despite this fame cannabis isn’t actually legal in Nimbin, it’s actually one of the most policed towns in Australia apparently. Even still a quick stroll through the main street (which is full of little hippy shops selling trinkets, healing crystals and cannabis paraphernalia) and numerous old, leather skinned, skinny hippies will offer you everything from organic home grown weed through to chocolate and cookies.

Other than this attraction I thought that Nimbin was a bit of a let down to be honest. I’m just glad the 8 of use split fuel costs and drove rather than spending $25 to do a day tour…we left within 2 hours!

Not something I can really say I recommend unless you hit it up for its Mardi Gras or you want to photograph the locals, who are really friendly and full of character…..I’m sure the cookies are the root of this!

We spent the stupidly hot evening (35 degrees) chilling on the beach with my newly GoPro’d longboard

….and sampled some Nimbin treats….