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Next Stop Morocco!

I’ve been back in the UK for nearly 3 months now – and to be honest I’m getting slightly itchy feet for warmer climates again. Sure the snow was fun but I do love relaxing in the sun a fair bit more!

There’s also been a distinct lack of surf on my part too. A horrible combination of work and lack of swell…so I’m in dire need of some salt water therapy.

Both of those combined has lead to alot of complaining, much of which has been aimed at my little brother (who joined me in Byron for a holiday) and the guys and girls I surf with.

So a plan was hatched for a surf holiday – a cheap affair, somewhere warm, somewhere a bit different and somewhere with a proven surf track record.

Not a tall order at all!

Luckily we had a good idea on the back burner for such an occasion – so now I’m heading back to the town of Tamraght in southern Morocco, 40 minutes north of Agadir for some sun sea and sand :)

Unfortunately due to working in the travel industry it fell to me to organise everything! Knowing my friends as well as I do I decided to set a tight and firm deadline to get everything booked by – we’ve attempted to sort something very similar before…but it always fell at the first hurdle!

A facebook thread was hastily established and names confirmed. What started as potentially me, my brother, Kez and Weatherly soon escalated into a 9 person full on surf trip – stoked! Enquiries were made, flights priced, accomodation sorted and airport transfers discussed.

My deadline came around and money from Scotland, Wales, London and Devon came pouring into my account and after a morning of phone calls, confirmations and last minute surfboard related decisions the flights were finally booked and the trip was set in stone, departing late March :)

And at a bargain price too;

Return flights with Easyjet to Agadir – £70 per person

Accommodation (2 self catering apartments overlooking the beach) – £50 per person per week

Car hire – £30 per person per week

…and of course the most important aspect – surfboard carriage at £37 per board!

All thats left to sort is getting to and from the airport!

Not bad all in all really…a week away for £150 per person + surfboard, now just to save up some spending money to indulge in mint tea and a few ice cold beers for that post surf relaxation on the roof terrace! The best bargain of all is the fact the apartments come with a personal chef too – so if we don’t have time to cook we can simply supply food money and return home to a tasty sunset BBQ of fresh fish, hummous and tagines galore :) Now that surf roadtripping at it’s finest – and a whole heap of Moroccan culture throw in for good measure!

If you’re interested in heading that way for a holiday or a surf trip I shall be boshing out a review on my return – in the meantime check out where I shall be staying HERE and if you fancy it give Brendan the owner an email – just remember to say that Chris tipped you off!