Well with 2014 already underway, having landed in Ecuador and celebrated 2 years of continuous travel there’s a lot of talk about new years resolutions.

To be honest I’ve never really been a fan of them – with my lack of commitment and short attention span – however I have got into the habit of creating travels goals instead.


Last year I put forward the following travel goals;

2013 travel goals bucket list backpacker

My Goals For 2013…

Now I actually didn’t do too badly.

I managed to hit up 11 countries – 4 of which were new – I took a heap more photos than the previous year and spent a large majority of the year surfing!  I ended up exploring more of Asia when I bounced around Indonesia and then made my way overland from Singapore to Bangkok and even FINALLY made it to New Zealand…only 18 months later than originally planned!

Bucket list wise I got around to learning to free dive, I spent more time in Cambodia, I dived the Similan Islands, got to grips with snowboarding, ate a Fergburger in Queenstown, went white water rafting, experienced a hop on hop off bus trip, took a trip in a helicopter, went glacier hiking, I inspired one of my buddies to book a RTW trip, travelled properly with my brother, surfed the legendary left of Raglan, got another bamboo tattoo and heaps of other amazing experience…so I easily ticked off the 12 I set myself!

In fact the only travel goal I fell short of was learning a new language…I’m still completely unmotivated and useless on the aspect!



This year thought I’ve changed my mindset slightly so I thought I’d explain my 2014 goals in a bit more detail…

2014 travel goals

Bring on 2014!

1) Visit the Philipines – The Philippines have been on my bucket list for aggggges now, yet I’ve still not got around to visiting them despite prolonged periods of travel in South East Asia. I nearly got there at the end of 2013 but unfortunately the massive Typhoon that battered it scrapped my plans. This year it’s my top place to explore.

2) Keep up my free dive training – having discovered free diving in 2013 I was instantly hooked. Sicne then I’ve bought all the kit I need, I’ve successfully completed my SSI Level 2 Freediver and I’m stoked to explore more of the underwater world. But to advance I need to keep up my training regime, so fingers crossed I can fully commit!

3) Slow down – now this may seem like an odd addition to the list, but it’s much needed. In 2013 I covered 11 countries and racked up tens of thousands of kilometres in air and land travel. I’ll admit straight up that some parts were outright exhausting and I decided that bouncing heaps isn’t sustainable or the best for my mindset. This year I want to slow the pace down, really get under the skin of the places I visit and take the time to properly appreciate life on the road.

4) Beat my budgets – after tallying up all my costs for a year of backpacker travel I’ve decided that proper attention to my budget is needed in 2014. Although I managed to sneak under my £25 a day target (slightly higher if you include flights) I know I could’ve save seven more cash. This year I want to concentrate on becoming financially stable and also reduce how much I spend on flights – which topped £3k last year!

5) SURF! Although I surfed a lot in 2013 I still want more! It’s the one thing that keeps me in shape and I constantly crave on the road. Freediving and scuba diving are ok – but for me surfing is where my true calling lies. 2014 is going to be very much wave focused! It’s my adventure after all!


How did you guys get on with your travel goals of 2013? What have you set yourself for this year?


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16 Responses

    • Chris

      hahahaha…we could well arrange this, hoping to fit it in towards the end of the year…

    • Chris

      Indeed – I can’t really complain hey?! Hopefully 2014 will be just as fun, although I’m not bouncing half as much!

  1. Ella Jacinto

    Wow, I’m from the Philippines and been following your blog since last year. Hope you like it here our country!! Would be happy to share some tips if you need them! Goodluck! :)

    • Chris

      Thanks Ella – I may well need your help when I start planning my trip, what would you recommend?

      • Ella Jacinto

        Where will you be arriving? Manila? You could go to Intramuros, Corregidor (2 hour ferry ride from Manila), the old churches if you’d like? There’s nothing much to see in Manila really. Don’t miss Palawan, Boracay, Sagada/Benguet, Siargao and Surigao for surfing! Hit me up if need more details! [email protected]
        Have fun!

      • Chris

        i literally have no idea at the moment Ella! Cheers for the ideas though – I’ll definitely be dropping you an email when I start planning!

    • Chris

      Hola Carmen! Yup less flights is a great goal – both for the budget and environment! I’m in Ecuador for the next 3 months – you heading this way at all?

  2. simon gonzaga

    Cheers man! Been following your blog and your instagram for quite some time and got ecstatic when you put the Philippines as your main to-visit country for 2014! Really hoping to see you here! And if you need any info or tips about anything travel related in the PH, would be glad to help as I’ve been traveling around the country as well! Cheers!
    simon gonzaga recently posted..2013 in a nutshellMy Profile

    • Chris

      Glad to hear it Simon – can’t wait to see what it has to offer! Will definitely be in touch for some ideas and tips!
      Also your 2013 review post is pretty epic – 2014 going to be as exciting?

    • Chris

      cheers Helen – having a list definitely helps keep me focused! What’s on your after India?!


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