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My Top Hawaiian Waves

As a surfer I’ve long been fantasizing about taking an Hawaii vacation – arguably the most famous place on the planet to surf and the birth place of the sport that has consumed my life.

All the islands are littered with world class surf breaks, with the best names in surfing found in the lineups there each winter.

So what are the best and most infamous waves in Hawaii? Here are some of my Hawaiian Surf Standouts;


  • Jaws. Jaws is a freak of a wave and probably the heaviest and scariest wave Hawaii lays claim to. Pretty much a tow in only spot it’s power and size are infamous
  • Banzai Pipeline (aka Pipe). one of the most photographed and famous waves in the world Pipe is where status in surfing is solidified. A crazy left hand tube ride that is an experienced/pro only wave
  • Backdoor. The other side of Pipe is a fast and hollow right hander smashing into a shallow reef, perfect for experienced regular footers, but heavily localised.
  • Canoes. A much more mellow ride that can is even suitable for beginners on Oahu, one of the best places to learn to surf in Hawaii
  • Sunset Beach. Another Hawaii favourite Sunset is the venue for part of the Vans Triple Crown, producing some world class waves begging to be ridden
  • Mala Wharf. As a longboarder this is firmly on my to surf list, being classed as the best logger wave in Maui. Get those toes on the nose!
  • Waikiki. A god spot to learn at Waikiki is a more mellow wave than it’s reef cousins.
  • Waimea Bay. Another Hawaiian gem Waimea is the birthplace of big wave surfing. If you haven’t surfed Waimea then your not a big wave surfer!
  • Honolua Bay. Another versatile spot – Honolua can provide a perfect begiiner wave right through to gaping barrels.


And being some of the more remote and isolate islands in the world you can expect swell pretty much year round in Hawaii, the only issue is escaping the crowds! If you’re a reasonably experienced surfer though the miles of rugged coastline have more than enough spot to explore.

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