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My Top 10 Thailand iPhone Pics

I'm an Apple geek – everyone knows that, and after my experiment in Morocco earlier this year to see if my iPhone could replace my SLR I've been shooting with my phone more than ever – and Thailand was no exception.

I'm constantly amazed by the quality of the images it produces and with apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram (follow me on there if you want – my username is backpackerbanter) it makes it easier than ever to get some brilliant results unobtrusively and share them quickly with the world.

So here's my Top 10 Thai Shots – all done via my trusty Apple handset – enjoy!

Thai Baht



If you havent headed to Thailand then you probably wouldn't have encountered their currency yet. It's not quite the amazing Aussie dollar I came to know and love, but getting a wad of crisp foreign notes is a sure way to kick start your travel stoke!







Temple Reflection




Everyone talks about being 'templed out' in Thailand and indeed Asia as a whole – so I paced myself. This shot was taken at the ajoining temple to the Big Buddah. There had been a slight rain shower so it was pretty empty – I thought this reflection summed up that peacefullness






Koh Tao Coastline



This is one of the first shots I took on Koh Tao – my favourite of the Thai Islands – I had just walked from the harbour after point blank refusing to pay for a taxi, it was a brilliant decision! I had a beautiful coast walk and the beach opened up into a picture perfect scene of Thai fishing boats, crystal clear waters and distant islands.






Travel Buddies




I recently wrote a post on the odd situation that is travel friendship and for me this pic sums it up! The guys in this pic – Richard and Jez – had only met a few days before and there was a proper little bromance going on! Travel is odd like that – it's like our Koh Tao group had grown up together.






Travel Journal




Everyone keeps the memories of their travels in a different way. I blog, some people create scrap books – but possibly the most nostalgic and old school version is the humble diary. This is my buddy Audrey making notes post island hopping just before we boarded a lovely 15 hour coach journey to Bangkok.





Harbour Pier




Everything about the islands of Thailand are quaint and rustic – take this slightly patchwork pier at the main habour on Koh Samui – it services hundreds of people daily and signifies how the island has become a tourism hub, yet it still fits into the laid back landscape like it was always there.






Buddah Statue





What would a Thai album be without the obligatory Buddah Statue shot?! Enough said!






Floating Market, Bangkok





The floating markets where my highlight of Bangkok and indeed of my entire time in the country. From the chaos of the main trading area you can venture out into the canal networks and find yourself away from the tourist trap and amongst the locals – peacefully grabbing lunch the old fashioned way!





Sleeper Train, Bangkok - Chiang Mai




After a pretty safe, amusing and comfortable journey on the overnight bus to Bangkok I opted for the sleeper train option up to Bangkok. It was a brilliant experience – and cheap too! After falling asleep in the hustle and bustle of city life waking up in the jungle set the pace for my time in the north. This is my buddy Nic on the morning of his birthday, pondering the journey ahead and enjoying the view.





Travel Like the Locals




Moped are the order of the day throughout SE Asia – they're the cheapest and easiest way to get around. Unfortunately they're also one of the most dangerous and fraught with high charges for crashing and scrapping them! Be careful if you do hire, but they're great to explore the winding countryside – just avoid getting an infamous 'Koh Phangan Tattoo'!





Homeward Bound




I love the cloudscapes you can see whilst flying – this is my flight home surrounded by typical English overcast weather. However above the cloudline the sunrise lit everything warmly – shame the temperature has dropped nearly 15 degrees from my time in Asia!








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