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backpacker banter a backpackers tale (1 of 1)

The Next Adventure – My Final Travel Plans For 2013…

Wow, this year has flown by hey?!

It seems only yesterday that I was seeing in the new year in Morocco working as a surf instructor and now I’m sat in Thailand on a dive boat writing about my final travel plans of the year!

Mental times! 

So I’m finishing up my few weeks working alongside the guys from Khao Lak Scuba Adventures and then it’s time to move on – so what exactly am I going to be up to?!


backpacker banter a backpackers tale (1 of 1)
Meet Stephen…

New Travel Buddy

Well backpacker banter a backpackers tale (1 of 1) first off I’m stoked to now be travelling with Stephen from A Backpackers Tale – I met him a few months ago at TBEX in Ireland and he’s heaps of fun!

In fact he just joined me on my final dive boat charter out in the Similans – I got him hooked on diving last month when I set him up with an open water course on Koh Tao and he’s just completed his advanced on board with the guys at KSA!

We’re kicking around Khao Lak for a couple more days before heading to the chaos of Koh San Road in Bangkok before flying to our next destination together…



Yup I’ve been out of sunny surf for too long – although I did get a few good sessions in up in North Devon – so I’m heading back to Indonesia as an early xmas present to myself!

I’ll be teaching Stephen to surf, we’ll be partying hard in Kuta with Rich from Asia Surf and generally enjoying surf, sun as getting some blogging work done.

We’ll hopefully be heading out to do some free diving in Bali too (Stephen wants to complete his SSI Level 1) and I REALLY want to free dive the Liberty Wreck on the north of the island.

backpacking asia plans
This Is What The Rest Of 2013 Looks Like…


We’ll also be taking some time out to hit up Gili T – somewhere I visited earlier in the year – where more free diving and some scuba action is in order.

Hopefully we’ll be joined by Nick from Nicks Travel Bug at some point too! It’s going to be a chaotic mix of bloggers and booze!hahaha!


Finishing Up 2013…

Indonesia and in particular Bali will be where I finish my 2013 travel adventures – a year that’s been packed with heaps of amazing backpacking travel and equally packed with amazing travel friendships.

Although I’ll be spending xmas and new year in the warmth of Bali my 2014 adventures kick off with a bang shortly after the new year where I’ll be undertaking a pretty dam hefty set of long haul flights to my first destination of the year.

…but thats a surprise I won’t be ruining quite yet – you’ll all have to wait!

So yeah, the rest of the year will be spent with good faces, surf, beaches, ocean and exotic locations – I’m stoked to be back on the road again and although I’m excited about 2014 already I know I’m going to enjoy the rest of this year!


Bring on the Bintangs!

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