Byron Bay, Australia was my main base for pretty much the whole of July – I’ve been kicking back down under for the last few weeks finding a place to rent for a bit, catching up with all my Byron buddies and of course enjoying heaps of surf!

So on the travel front it was pretty mellow!

However when you live in the Bay there are no shortages of people who want to come and crash and I was stoked to catch up with Stephen from A Backpackers Tale who popped over from New Zealand.

And his arrival was the only excuse I needed for some adventure – which including scuba diving with sharks and a spontaneous road trip up to Noosa for a 4×4 tour on Fraser Island!

So here’s my stats round up for July 2016;


Overland Distance; 1197.19km

Flight Distance; N/A

Total Distance; 1197.19km


backpacker travel budget australia byron bay noosa fraser island

Countries; Australia

Main Spots; Byron Bay, Noosa, Fraser Island

Transport Taken; car, Jucy Campervan, 4×4

Flights – NONE!


Money Breakdown

Australia – £850.43 over 31 Days = £27.43 per day

Total spent – £850.43 over 31 Days = £27.43 per day


Cheapest Place – Well I’ve been based in Byron pretty much all month so it wins cheapest and most expensive!

Most Expensive Place – See above!haha!

Biggest Splurge/Unforeseen Expense – My budget was as I expected this month, although there were a few blow out parties and beers when I first arrived back in Byron!


fraser island tag along tour backpacker budget australia

Highlight –  This month has been filled with awesome times – including catching up with my little bro and all my Byron surf buddies!

Although travel wise the highlight has to be heading to Fraser Island with Stephen from A Backpackers Tale and Erin when we teamed up with Nomads and Jucy Campers! It’s epic to cruise along the beach in a 4WD!

Oh and we went scuba diving with sharks off Julian Rocks in Byron Bay too…not a bad end to the month!

Lowlight – Probably leaving the warmth of SEAsia and heading into the middle of an Aussie winter! I can’t complain too much, it’s still pretty sunny!


Top Shot

This month my favourite shot has to this amazing Grey Nurse Shark cruising in the blue at Julian Rocks in Byron Bay! They may appear frightening but they’re gentle giants really and we were joined by about 10 of them throughout our dive.

Here’s Stephen from A Backpackers Tale looking down towards one as one silently glides past as I practice my buoyancy control in the current whilst snapping this shot with my GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

grey nurse shark julian rocks byron bay australia


What’s Next?

Well it looks like Byron Bay will be my base or a while now, but you can expect some epic road trips in the works!

In fact it looks like Uluru will be on the cards soon, which I’m super stoked about as I’ve yet to visit the Red Centre!


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4 Responses

  1. Ravi Roshan Jaiswal

    Hi Chris,
    Pleasure to see you.

    Thank you so much for sharing your travel experience with us. I highly inspired by your travel experience. It looks like you have a great hobby of traveling the world. I really got amazed to see your overland total distance. My God, unbelievable, indeed. This summary will help people to estimate the travel expenses.

    I much appreciate you for sharing such useful post for every person who love travelling. I’m impressed with you to see you with Shark. I think it was one of the great moment for you. Am I right?

    Thanks for informative post.
    – Ravi.

    • Chris

      Hey Ravi – yeah was a busy month! I always love swimming with sharks – Byron Bay is an epic spot for it too!

  2. Elisha

    Sounds like you’ve had an awesome summer! I’m off to Australia in January for a year, I’m flying into Cairns and hopefully going down to Byron Bay at some point!! I’m super stoked, I’ve been binge reading your posts all night they’re so helpful, thank you!

    • Chris

      Hey Elisha! Yeah I cant complain too much hey?! Yeeewwww I hope you’re stoked for your trip to Oz? Check out my new site – which might help you plan your trip – let me know if you need help booking anything and I’ll hook you up with some discounts!


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