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Monthly Travel Summary and Stats; May – June ’12

Over the last few months of blogging I’ve been using my fellow bloggers to gauge where’s best to visit and how to budget and plan for certain parts of my trip. I’ve found that alot of people are passing on this info in a handy monthly summary of their current trips and it’s been heaps helpful.

Bloggers like Chris – aka the Aussie Nomad – document budgetting down to the smallest detail (something I’m not organised enough to do!) and others like Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps give a bite sized version of all their stats. So I thought I’d start doing the same for my trip – hopefully it’ll help share some tips on where you’ll be spending money but I’m hoping it’ll also help me manage my finances too!


May 12th – June 12th 2012

The last month has been the first time I’ve properly travelled with a buddy and it’s been and epic experience. Me and Matt made our way from the sunny countryside of the Shire before landing in Bangkok – where Koh San kicked us straight into backpacker mode.

In dire need of a slower pace of life we heading north pretty quickly to take in the sights and sounds of Chang Mai and Pai which were our longest single stops of the trip.

After reluctantly leaving the jazz and reggae behind we endured the 2 day slow boat journey into Laos – arriving in Lubang Prabang with it’s thousands of bagettes and gorgeous waterfalls.

Having met a heaps good group of backpackers we joined them on their trip down to Vang Vieng – although we quickly decided this souless town wasnt the best idea and made the spontaneous decision to head to the 4000 islands, some 17 hour journey away – as you do!

After a few days of hammock downtime it was back up to the Laos capital for a night before finishing our time on the road together with some 4* luxury back in Bangkok!

A pretty fun filled start to the second part of my current trip and the perfect way to get immersed back into the culture and carnage that South East Asia delivers!



Total Distance Covered; 13615km (including the flight from London to Bangkok)

Flight Distance; 10091km

Distance on the Ground; 3524km

We Covered A lot of Ground!

Flights; LHR-BKK (Emirates) VTE-BKK (Thai)

Transport; Overnight Sleeper Train, Minibus x 4, Sleeper bus x 2, Local bus x 2, Moped, Push Bike, Tuk Tuks


Main Stops; Bangkok, Chang Mai, Pai, Lubabng Prabang, Vang Vieng, Don Det (4000 Islands) and Vientiane



Ideally I was hoping to spend around £20 per day throughout Asia to be easily within my budget for the whole trip, it’s not something I strictly enforce as I don’t want to miss out on anything and regret it later!


Thailand = £384 over 15 days = £25.60 per day

Laos = £372 17 days = £21.88 per day

Total Spent – £756


Highlight – The Waterfalls of Lubang Prabang

Lowlight – Matt getting his drink spiked in Vang Vieng, bad times indeed!


Cheapest Stop – Easily Chang Mai, where we were staying at the Little Bird Guesthous for £2 a night, eating for £1 a meal and drinking for a £1 per beer!


Unforeseen Expenses – Laos in general, it was heaps more expensive than I’d expected! Although our off the cuff trip to the 4000 islands was a £60 journey I hadn’t budgetted for. Also I had a splurge on both visits to Bangkok – firstly for Matts belated birthday present and for our last couple of nights we checked into a 4* hotel!


Top Shot

I’ve been pretty slack on the photography front this month to be honest – but my favourite shot has to be from Lubang Prabang Waterfalls. I’m picking up a new SLR body and lens kit today so hopefully that’ll kick me into gear for next month!

Whats next?

I said farewell to Matt earlier today as he returns home and I will be heading solo down to Phuket tomorow night – luckily I’ll be met there by my little bro and his buddy Jonesy…because its my birthday on the 15th!

We’ll hopefully score some Thai waves, if not it’s straight into Phi Phi before jumping to Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui for some islands hopping bliss and full moon chaos!


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