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Merry Xmas Everyone!

I guess it’s time for the obligatory merry xmas blog post!hahaha!

Seriously guys 2011 has been a pretty all over the place year, but it’s been epic overall and has set me up for an amazing 2012!

I relaunched my blog as BackpackerBanter.com back in April and got started on the whole twitter thing – and basically since then I’ve been doing my best to keep you entertained and in return you’ve followed the chaos via tweet, blogs and my Facebook page.

I’ve met heaps of epic people and had some great experiences – but it’s just the beginning, and 2012 holds some great travel plans, and open mind, little in the way of responsibility and more importantly lots of warm water surfing!

…which will hopefully result in a lot of entertainment for yourselves!

I’d also like to take the time to say thanks you and happy xmas to some of the great suppliers I’ve worked with over the last year, and some who I’m looking forward to working with on my upcoming RTW trip;

STA Travel HQ Hostel, Bangkok Phangan Beach Resort Koh Tao Backpackers Davy Jones Locker Diving Chiang Mai Rainforest Boutique Stray Asia G Adventures Montanita Spanish School Global Surf Industries Ireland House, Morocco National Lifeguard Association Global Surf Industries Surf GB Gap Daemon

But more importantly thanks to you guys and girls – I blog for you as much as for myself, it’s a shame I can’t afford to send you all Christmas hampers really!

Have a great xmas and new year BPB readers – and hopefully I’ll meet some of you on the road in the near future, drop me a line if you’re heading my way!

Take it easy