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Meet Dave!

Seeing as I’m unfortunately now based in the UK for an extended period of time I decided that I needed something to pad out my work related ramblings.
So over the coming couple of weeks I shall be be introducing some guest bloggers – mainly friends of mine from Oz – who are still on the road, partying, exploring and enjoying life out of a bag and have heaps to banter about.

Let me introduce you to the first of these intrepid travellers; Dave.

Dave Pack (aka Packman to his close friends) is a graphic designer by trade and self proclaimed backpacker bum by nature.
Having spent 5 years in the 9-5 grind as an exhibition designer he had become increasingly stressed and frustrated due to the pressure and nature of the job. E only silver lining to the profession – in his eyes – was the fact it took him all over Europe, with stays in 5 star hotels courtesy of his contractors. It was at this point that he realised his real passion was for travel and it dawned on him that aged 25 there had to be more to life than work.
Leaving behind the drones of people whose lives were dictated by the x factor he decided it was time for a change.
And change he did.
Selling pretty much everything he owned he funded his way through an incredible journey across the paradise of New Zealand for 2 years – experiencing everything from bungee jumping to meditation courses, working a variety of jobs – including being a hostel manager.

He’s now Australia based, and has been for the last 6 months, currently residing on the west coast in Margaret River and living the dream.
For him the best part of his journey are the people he meets and the memories he knows will stay with him forever.

So welcome aboard Dave!
His first post is well on its way and I hope you enjoy his banter as much as I enjoy reading it :)