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How To Save Money On Your Travels

As a long term traveller I’ve come to the realisation that making money is important – but SAVING money is equally so.

So how do you save some dollar before and during your trip?


The Luxuries

My biggest tip both in saving for travels and on your travels is cut out the luxuries, weigh up the expenses.

Do you really want that cup of coffee every morning before work whilst you’re saving?

Or would you prefer to use that money on something more fun?!

You also don’t want to make the part of saving hugely stressful though so put aside a budget for some needed luxuries. For me that meant a night out with my buddies once or twice a month and fuel money for surfing!

You can also be super savvy and utilise money off vouchers or sites like VoucherBin UK to do things on the cheap!


work for accomodation hostel backpacker travel-1
Mopping Floors And Living The Dream!

Work For Accommodation

When you hit the road accommodation is easily one of your biggest costs, so cutting that out means your money can be used on heaps more fun things and to keep you on the road longer.

I’ve already written quite a bit about working for accommodation whilst travelling but it’s such an easy and rewarding way to save heaps of dollar and of course make some great contacts and friends in the process!


Shop Around

When it comes to booking flights, tours and any travel aspects of your trip it always pays to shop around and not buy at the first place you look. Sites like Skyscanner are a great way to quickly compare flight prices and there’s so much choice on the ground for tours that you can usually play shops off against each other!

And of course there’s blogs and special promos that can help you save too – I’ve negotiated discounts on things like Lub D Hostels in Thailand and dolphin watching in New Zealand to help you keep a bit more cash in your back pocket!



Money itself is also a huge hassle and if you’re not prepared then handling it overseas can cost you heaps in fees. I’ve personally used the STA Cashcard for years as it’s free for transactions via chip and pin and although there’s a fee for ATM withdrawals its still a good shout.

If you’ve got time to prepare and are good at managing your money there’s also a range of credit cards which dont charge overseas fees for cash or using it over the till, which will save you heaps!


Have you got any awesome money saving tips you can share? 

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