Ok so I’ve already been back in the UK for longer than I’m really comfortable with (despite having a pretty nice job and scoring lots of good surf!) and the time has come to really start pushing forward with my next set of plans.

And more importantly the funds are now in place to start sorting the basics – which means it’s nearly time to book my first set of flights out of here – even the thought gives me goosebumps!

But this is where you come in…

Get Involved

The basics of this trip is that me and the girl (the lovely Kez – @kezisms if you want to follow her on twitter) will be heading off longterm – and of course I shall be blogging the whole thing for you lovely people to read about. But whats the point of blogging about things you don’t care about?!

So I’m putting it to you guys and girls – I want to hear your opinion on my plans, take your advice for a change and see what we come up with! Me and Kez have come up with 2 basic starting plans, so let me know which you like best, which bits you don’t like and what you’d do if you had the option of coming along!

The Basics

Ok so the aim of the game is potentially a 3 year plan based around a 2 year WHV in New Zealand. We’ve got about £5k spending money + a significant budget for flights. I surf – that’s the main aim of the game for me, and Kez loves to explore and find inspiration for her art – so yes I have had to compromise!

At the moment it’s a toss up between 2 rough ideas on how best to get to NZ

Option 1 – Via Asia

Option one pans out as the following;

London – Bangkok

Overland through Asia – looping into Vietnam, Cambodia and down through the Thai Islands

Kuala Lumpar – Bali

A month of surfing a culture in Indonesia through Bali, Lombok and the Gilly Islands

Bali – Auckland

A month or so of touring around the and of the Kiwi before needing to find work

*There is also the potential to sandwhich a stop in Byron Bay between Bali and NZ*

Option 2 – Via South America

Option two takes a different approach…

London – Texas

A couple weeks visiting one of my buddies from Byron, Lastain

Texas – Lima

Up to a month exploring around Peru and Bolivia including the Inca Trail and Machu Pichu

Lima – Guayaquil

A couple months hopefully working at my mates surf camp in Montanita and exploring southern Ecuador

Guayaquil – LA

Couple days stopover to break up flights, maybe even with enough time to hit Vegas for a weekend!

LA – Tahiti

Up to 2 weeks in French Polynesia including hitting Teauphoo for the Billabong Pro

Tahiti – Auckland

As with option 1 – some touring before working.

What Do You Think?

Obviously both options throw up their own pros and cons, but ultimately we’re heading out one way and back the other and both are by no means set in stone. So rattle off in the comments and chuck me some feedback on where you think I should go next?!

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7 Responses

  1. Philippa

    Hello there! I am so excited for you. Although I am shaking my head too because I did not see the one country that I tell everyone to go to and yet no one has yet agreed to go there; Papua New Guinea! Maybe after going to Bali (or instead of?). Papua New Guinea has some of the most beautiful waters in the whole of the South Pacific, the people are so friendly (English is the main official language, certainly for tourism). You will have such a wonderful experience as it is like no where else in the world. Art-wise, fascinating with the plethora of wooden sculpture, pottery and dress reflecting ancient beliefs and tradition. Please please say you’ll check PNG out! xx

  2. Kez

    Philippa… I think you’ve sold that place already! Don’t think it’ll be an ‘instead of’, Chris is very determine to hit up Bali for surf, but an ‘aswell’ would be find by me! I want to see everywhere! I’ll add it to the list of places I need to research!!

  3. rusja

    mate, they both sound immense, but i think for something that you’ll probably never do again, I’d go with option 2. or…if you have the cash…option 2 on the way there, then hit up Asia on the way back, after your two years in NZ. but tbh I would go for either!

  4. Paul

    Personally I’d go with option 2, mainly because I’ve not been there :-)

    I think with the cash available, do South America and then end up in New Zealand and get some more funds through working.

    We worked for 6 months in Auckland and saved up about £6k each from it and it funded the rest of our trip, so it could fund your SE Asia travels.

    Good luck!

    Paul // MyPostcardFrom

    • Kerri

      Paul – you say you saved £6k in NZ?! Yay! Can’t wait to get there, but I’ve heard it’s hard to save money there.. Either way any money that’s extra to the travel fund after NZ will be sweet :)
      I’m veering towards option 2 now.. Seems the best one for me! :) so excited!

  5. curiouscheese

    i’m thinking option 2 is going to be the best bet. it’s going to be heaps cheaper to return via asia so I’m swaying towards doing the expensive flights/activities in south america first – less pressure on working in NZ!
    what did you do for work Paul?!

    Cheers for the input guys :)

    …i’m tempted by PNG now too, any other random countries you can convince me to visit?!

  6. AndyJRae

    Papua New Guinea – If you head there fella I am so quitting work with you and coming too!!!! It looks Ah May Zing!!!! But that puts you off it, totally South America first and Asia on your way back round – if you come back round that is! Or it’s always just a good bolt hole from Oz!

    Either way dude, I know it will be AWESOME!

    See you in the office! (JOY) x


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