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A Taste of Hawaii

A Taste of Hawaii

There is so much to Hawaii, and when planning your trip to this Pacific paradise, it may seem impossible to pick just one island to visit. Thankfully, for travelers hoping to experience a bit of...

backpacker xmas gift ideas travel

12 Xmas Gift Ideas for Backpackers

Backpackers are notoriously hard to shop for, they need to save space, are bouncing all over the globe and generally have everything they need to live crammed into a single bag on their backs. But...

rosetta stone learn german language

Learning a Language….Take 2!

If you were following my blog back at the beginning of the year you’ll be aware of the fact I worked as a surf instructor at Montanita Spanish School in Ecuador. A job that came with free private...

jetlag flight long haul gap year backpacker

My Top Tips to Avoid Jetlag

This year I’ve been bouncing around all over the place – through countries continents and times zones, and there’s one thing I’ve begun to loathe…and that’s jetlag. I’ve been messing with...