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Meet Erinn!

I get heaps of emails everyday from travellers all over the world planning their adventures – both for the first time and the next stint on the road – asking for advice and tips…and I do my best to answer them all as quickly as I can.

There’s a select few though that I feel I can’t really help out much with – and that’s people asking for female specific advice. 

Despite my lovely curls and less than macho man appearance I’m still a dude and there’s certain aspects of life on the road I can’t really comment on or draw upon my personal experiences!

Questions like “is it safe to travel in XXXXX as a solo female” being one of the main ones.

And given nearly 60% of my readers are female I’ve decided that I need to cater for your girls a bit more and help you out – so I’ve decided to bring in some help on the matter!


Cue Erinn

female travel blog advice tips erinn poteet backpacker

Got To Love A Kangaroo Selfie!

So I’d like to introduce Erinn – this lovely Californian surfer chick has been bouncing around the globe for a while now and has just finished an epic stint through Central America (something I’m insanely jealous of!) and we recently caught up in Byron Bay for a week.

Over beers and beach walks I asked if she’s be awesome enough to start contributing to the blog and bring in some female perspective and she was awesome enough to agree!

So girls – Erinn is now at your disposal and she’s going to be putting together some awesome blogs, bringing some diversity to the site and doing her best to pass on some female related goodness.

To get everything kick started I thought I’d ask all the lovely ladies if they had any questions you want answered about female travel – it can literally be anything!


  • Places you want to go

  • Packing lists

  • Worries and fears

  • Safety concerns

  • Any girly stuff I totally can’t answer!haha!

  • …go nuts!


female travel blog advice tips erinn poteet backpacker

She’s A Fellow Water Baby Too!

Just chuck your questions in the comments below and she’ll be putting together an ongoing series of posts to help calm your worries and help inspire you to take the leap into your next adventure!

And don’t worry guys the site wont suddenly be filled with talks about hair products, periods and shoes….oh no no no – Erinn is game for some crazy adventures so she’ll be sharing heaps of that goodness too!

Whether its sculling beers at Oktoberfest in Germany, hiking in Switzerland, volcanoe boarding in Nicuragua, chilling with kangaroos in Australia or paddling out for a surf she’s way more than just a pretty face!

Pretty stoked to see what she brings to the site!


In the meantime go follow her adventures via her Instagram – @nomaderies – to find out a bit more about her and check out her tropical goodness.

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4 Responses

  1. rachel

    Hi Errin,

    I would love to visit thailand and cambodia but Im 35 and all my friends have kids,mortgages etc so I don’t have a travel buddy. Is it safe to go on my own or are there travel groups for women I could join etc.
    also are hostels more geared towards people in there 20s and hotels more for people in their 30s? as I would like stay somewhere I could meet others my age.


    • Chris

      Hey Rachel,
      Erinn hasn’t actually been to SEAsia yet (we’re headed there next month) but I’ve spent a lot of time out there.
      In regards to age and travelling solo as a female I’d say that age was more a mindset than anything else, I’m 28 now and I’ve shared adventures with 18 year olds and 45 year olds and everyone in between!
      I’d say certain hostels definitely attract a younger more party driven crowd so check out reviews – and tour companies like G Adventures also have group trips for selected age range which might be worth checking out. Depends what kind of vibe you’re looking for really!
      You can also grab a private room in Asia for cheap too, so you can always mix the hostel vibe with having your own personal space if that’s something you want to do!
      Let me know how you get on!

      • Rachel Trowsdale

        wow, that’s spooky.
        I didn’t realise you had replied to this comment I sent in Aug 2015…in fact Id completely forgotten Id even posted it. Its exactly a year on and Im looking up Cambodia and Thailand and reading through all the useful advice on here. I scrolled down on this page thinking I would ask Erin a Q and low and behold…the question I want to ask is already there..written by me…exactly a year ago! It must be a sign to stop putting it off and get my arse on that plane :-) thanks for all the good advice above.x

      • Chris

        hahahaha awesome times Rachel – hope you manage to get your tickets booked this time!

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