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Bored In The Airport? Not Anymore!

Lets face it airports aren’t the most fun place in the world, especially if you’ve been travelling for a while.

Check in desks, security lines, emptying your pockets, it gets pretty old fast.

And layover times?!

There is only so much time you can spend in duty free and eating rubbish airport food!

However, help is at hand! Airports across the world are starting to revamp and lucky for travellers they’re on the ball with keeping us entertained during layovers between long haul flights!

So next time you’re flying check out some of these airports, which are fighting the boredom with heaps of inventive ideas – from artificial surf waves in Munich Airport to Ice Skating in Seoul, South Korea!

Who knows, you might even love their ideas enough to take the 8 hours stopover over the direct flight…!


fun before you fly

Fun Before You Fly is a graphic produced by dealchecker.co.uk

For me I think Changi Airport in Singapore is my favourite airport of choice. From its butterfly house to colourful koi ponds there’s plenty of stuff going on to keep you busy.

Plus the movie rooms and fast wifi make it the perfect place to catch up on emails and write blog posts before jetting off to my next destination!

…you know you’ve been travelling for a long time when you have a favourite airport!haha!


Have you endured any long stopovers recently?

Which airport is your favourite?


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