After a few weeks of – quite frankly – p*ss poor surf, Byron has once again come alive with the arrival of a new swell.

Which is pretty lucky for me because since the little brother arrived last week he’s been pretty dubious about all my tales of peeling point breaks and hollow beachies.
Up until a few days ago the nearest i’d come to a decent session in the water with the little bro and Jonesy was a sponger session at Main Beach!
But for the last 4 or so days we’ve been occupied with hitting the beaches around Byron to get our fix of salt water therapy, come rain or shine, in work breaks and on days off.

There’s been a few lush – albeit it rather too heavy – beach break sessions at my newly discovered Broken Head, with newly discovered ex Pom turned Kiwi surfer Wez, followed by a few more enjoyable, manageable and holloŵer rides on the Heads point break. And of course, dolphins galore!
In fact yesterday was the best surf the point has had for 15 years – heaps of pros graced the scene along with a helicopter film crew. As Marcus described it, it was like having one own live surf film – with aerials and tubes galore!

Even better though is the fact that The Pass is now working again!
Oh how I’ve missed it!
In fact I haven’t properly surfed it since Nic left!

But it’s back and it’s showing Josh and Tom a taster if why I’ve chosen to live here – chunky right ganders with epically long rides and workable faces, just a shame the school holiday crowds ar beginning to come out in force!

Averaging 2-3 sessions a day is taking it’s toll though. In bed and passed out by 11ish and not seeing me all day has the missus rather upset but I’m stoked all the same!
And it’s looks set to hang around for a few more days too :)

…let’s hope The Wreck starts working again…

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