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chris stevens backpacker banter travel blogger

20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About My Travels

chris stevens backpacker banter travel blogger
Life On The Road…

Through this blog you’ve probably learnt alot about me (if you’ve just found yourself on the site check out the about me and start here page as well), how I travel and generally who the hell I am – but I’m sure there’s still some info I’m holding back!

And since travel is the main order of the day on Backpacker Banter I thought I’d share some bitesize chunks of my backpacking stream of thought.

So here’s 20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About My Travels


1) My first EVER foreign travel experience was to the Algarve, Portugal with my parents and grandparents, I was 3 years old – we went there ever few years until I was 10.


2) I still remember the sights and smells of the local markets and how much they intrigued me, I’m pretty sure this planted the travel seed for me.


3) My first full solo travel experience was to Ecuador in 2007 for a photography project on eco surfing to go towards my degree


4) … and when I booked my flights I actually had no clue where the country was!

backpacking montanita ecuador
Young and Untanned! Ecuador 2007


5) I wanted to travel to Australia ever since I was about 8 years old, I’m still not entirely sure what started it – although I think my fascination with the ocean had something to do with it.


6) David Attenborough and all his wildlife documentaries have definitely had an impact on my travels, that mans a legend and those programmes have swelled my bucket list


7) The only continent I’ve yet to set foot on is Antarctica


8) I’m really put off traveling to countries with pain in the arse or longer visa procedures – like India or Russia


9) …and despite everyone raving about India so much I have no interest in really visiting there, it just doesn’t appeal to me.


10) My year working at STA Travel opened up my eyes to a whole heap of new countries, transport options, flight paths and experiences. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the best jobs I’ve had and it’s pretty responsible for my current lifestyle.


11) I never did the whole “lads on tour” holiday thing growing up, the only time I’ve travelled with my buddies is Morocco, Oz or Asia.


12) I’m the first to admit that I use travel to escape – but I’m totally cool with that and it’s working well so far!

nz travel (18 of 26) copy
I totally fell in love with NZ this year


13) It’s a tie between Cambodia and New Zealand on which country I like best so far, although I think NZ wins simply because of surf.


14) I’m eternally torn between photographing a destination and fully enjoying it for myself, using my iPhone as my main camera has helped find a better balance though.


15) I literally had no drive/reason/intrigued to visit Asia, but after my first trip to Thailand I was hooked. In the 2 years since then I’ve spent nearly 10 months living, working and exploring the continent, covering Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.


16) Sometime I over plan and regret booking onward flights, but I also hate living outside of the money I have at the moment – I hardly ever make plans based on “future income” – it’s a bad way to travel. This does mean I have no debt/credit cards/over draft though!


17) A lot of people have been asking me how long I intend to travel for – all I can really answer is “as long as I can”. I have no real reason to settle back in the UK so I don’t have any plans to return (except for nipping back to see family sometime)


18) Travel has always been the reason I’ve ended relationships, but ironically it’s also where I’ve met people I’ve dated!

surfing in byron bay gopro
Byron Bay – My Backpacking Home!


19) My favourite singular place (not country) in the entire world is Byron Bay in Australia


20) It still puzzles me why hardly any of my friends want, or have yet to organise themselves to travel


So there you have it – a bit a bigger peak inside what makes me tick as a backpacker, where I’ve been and a bit on where I’m heading. One things for certain though – I have no intention of stopping my life on the road and I’m stoked to see where this lifestyle takes me on the long haul!


Any random travel facts you guys want to share – come on spread the love!

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