I’ve only just left but there’s already certain things I miss about backpacking South America through Ecuador and Peru, but also equally things I don’t – so here’s my Top 10 Things I Miss and Don’t Miss;


I DO miss the sun, yes it’s meant to be the beginning of summer, and yes I live in Costa Del Devon, but somehow it’s not quite the sunny 30degrees I’ve acclimatised too!

I DON’T miss not being able to flush toilet paper down the loo…it’s the simple things!

I DO miss the surf. It’s flat in the UK at the moment – in craving the peeling blue lines of the Ecuadorian and Peruvian coast.

I DON’T miss the mozzies – I freaking hate those things, and sleeping under a mozzie net in the heat is not fun!

I DO miss cheap drinking – $2 mojitos, litres of beer for a $1?! Even Wetherspoons can’t compete with those prices!

I DON’T miss cramped single dorm hostel beds, star fishing in my double bed is bliss!

I DO miss the people. Meeting heaps of new faces with heaps of stories is what backpacking is all about.

I DON’T miss bouncing around every day or so. I told you all that travel sucks when your on your own and bouncing around, it’s nice to have a solid base again!

I DO miss not knowing what lies around the corner. despite being adverse to long haul bus journeys every other day I hate the mundane routine of home…I’m craving adventure again. Luckily I don’t have to wait long!

I DON’T miss having to struggle with language barriers. I was rubbish at learning Spanglish, it’s nice to be able to communicate properly again with people! Altho I must admit some Spanish phrase are now embedded in my vocabulary!

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  1. George

    Nice post! When I leave somewhere I always look back and pine fondly over everything I missed, but often you forget there was some pretty bad stuff too!!
    George recently posted..I have Never ….My Profile

    • Chris

      indeed there’s always a mix…although the good things totally outway the bad!

  2. Zara @ Backpack ME

    hahaha… Out of of the things I won’t miss from SA (where I am currently at) not being able to put the toilet paper in the toilet won’t be one too! Won’t miss either hostels that don’t empty the trash cans that often making those balls of used paper linger around for way too long… ;)
    Zara @ Backpack ME recently posted..Island hopping the Galapagos, part 1/4: Puerto AyoraMy Profile


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