2013 has got off to a good start, I’m back on the beach surfing and backpacking in Morocco whilst working as a surf coach and my travel plans for the year have already started to come together.

Over the last year of my adventures Backpacker Banter has grown heaps thanks to all you amazing people and I’ve been meeting up with fellow bloggers throughout the world on my travels too. And they’re causing as much carnage as me or about to embark on some amazing trips – so I thought I’d put together a list of my favourites from the 2012 and some with some great adventures on the card, here’s my Top 10 Bloggers to Follow in 2013…


  • Lauren –  has made it into my list 2 years running now, simply becuase she is possibly the most unfortunate backpackers I’ve met, she gets into heaps of trouble! Over the last year she ventured around Europe, bounced back to Asia, onwards to Australia and she’d currently in New Zealand, with even more plans in the pipeline. Blog; www.neverendingfootsteps.com Twitter; @nefootsteps


  • Oceana – I met Oceana in Bali and she was gearing up to finish uni and looking to go explore the world. We chatted about blogs and she decided to set one up, but not before I pointed her in the direction of an epic job with HostelZoo where she’s based for a while. Her pics are awesome and she’s got some great stories to tell… Blog; www.barefootbeachblonde.com Twitter; @barefootbeachb


  • Becki – The lovely Becki is a few months into her RTW trip and her itinerary is EPIC! She’s already tackled Mongolia, China and Korea and she’s currently still in the Asia leg of her tour, the last I saw she was volunteering in Cambodia. Her Bunk buddies posts will no doubt prove amusing throughout her trip! Blog; www.backpackerbecki.com Twitter; @backpackerbecki


  • Monica –  Monica makes it back onto the list for a second time too, simply because she’s still travelling, still taking pics and generally doing heaps to keep all her readers enertained! She’s working in the social media side of things for the travel industry so she’s doing everything from snowboarding to camel trekking in the desert, a great mixed read! Blog; www.thetravelhack.com Twitter; @thetravelhack


  • Jodie – she’s just headed down under and I’m pretty jealous of her plans! Over the next 12 months she’s NZ bound, Asia bound and with a good bucket list to match! She’s also got some great amazing photography on her site so it’s a great one to get your travel stoke on! Blog; www.thelittlebackpacker.wordpress.com Twitter; @littlebckpacker


  • Sam – another site packed to the brim with beautiful photography and awesome tales from the road. Sam and her man are hitting the road on a jam packed RTW itinerary starting April 2013, can’t wait to see how it pans out for this pole dancing travel fiend! Blog; www.totallysamsworld.com Twitter; @travelsamsworld


  • Dave  – the other half of accident prone Lauren, Dave has been on the road for heaps of time now, both with and without Lauren. It’s super interesting to view their now joint adventure from two perspectives…and how Dave doesn’t get into half as many issues! Blog; www.whatsdavedoing.com Twitter; @driftingkiwi
  • Rich – I had the pleasure of spending some time partying and surfing with the man behind the soon to launch (yes I’ve been assured it’s happening soon!) AsiaSurf.com He’s been based in Bali for sometime now and there’s heaps of awesome tweeting and pics already, it’s sure to be even more fun once the sites live! Reading his feeds during a legendary Asia Surf HQ pool party or surf comp after party is always a good chuckle! Web; www.asiasurf.com [coming soon!] Twitter; @asia_surf


  • Turner – he’s a man on a mission, to travel the world doing as many weird and wonderful jobs as he can land! He’s been a tequila harvester, xmas tree salesman and even a festival toilet attendant! He’s also interviewing some awesome people to inspire you to get out of the office and live the dream. Blog; www.aroundtheworldin80jobs.com Twitter; @80worldjobs


  • Simon – he’s an all round good guy in the world of blogging and he’s been bouncing around alot, and has a whole heap of blog posts and tips from his time in Europe and Asia last year. Blog; www.manversusworld.com Twitter; @themanvsworld


Also in a shameless paragraph of self promotion you should also check out iTraveliShootiPhone.com! I launched a new photo blog towards the end of the year and have some great travel bloggers contributing to it already. It’s a simple concept – photos from around the world, shot entirely on iPhones, iPads and iPods. What better way to kill some time at the office and stoke your travel bug?!


Who’s on your list of blogs to follow – or do you run a blog yourself? Feel free to whack some links in the comments below and we can all check them out!

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14 Responses

    • Chris

      hopefully you’ll have some new ones for me to check out too Oceana! Stoked to see where you end up – hopefully we’ll cross paths again!

    • Chris

      no worries Jodie! Glad you’re getting your regional work in Oz done and dusted – and good to see you’re enjoying the experience too!

  1. Bemused Backpacker

    All of these are amazing blogs, but how about a shout out for some of us lesser known travel writers/bloggers?

    But to take advantage of your very kind invitation in an utterly shameless bit of my own self promotion, I hope you will consider my own site,


    Unlike many sites it isn’t predominantly about my own travels. It is a site set up to share my passion for backpacking and show everyone that there is nothing stopping them from following their own dreams of backpacking around the world too, and give advice and information on how anyone and everyone can travel the world cheaply, easily and independently.

    Michael Huxley, the Bemused Backpacker
    Bemused Backpacker recently posted..The unwritten rules of hostel etiquette.My Profile

    • Chris

      hahaha love the shameless plug Michael! Good on you!
      This post was actually put up at the beginning of the year and I’ve discovered so many new sites (yours included!) during 2013 – should be some newbies on the list for 2014…!


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