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29th Aug 2014
travel planning organising gap year

Hitting the Road Again – A Refresher Course In Costs and Planning!

After a slightly prolonged period back in the UK I’ve spent the last few weeks gearing up for my next adventure to South Africa and beyond. It has actually been...

26th Aug 2014
backpacker travel surf surfing south africa safari shake cage dive

What’s The Plan For South Africa?

There has been lots going on travel planning wise in my world over the last few weeks! First off I ended up booking a huge chunk of flights which will...

21st Aug 2014
scuba dive silfra iceland travel backpacker (4 of 11)

Scuba Diving At Silfra in Iceland

Having spent an increasing amount of time enjoying the world of scuba diving on my travels I’ve created a rather extensive scuba diving bucket list which I’m currently trying to...

19th Aug 2014
smashii rucksack backpack anti theft review (8 of 11)

REVIEW; SMASHii Anti Theft Backpack (AND A GIVEAWAY!)

As a backpacker and blogger I get approached to review quite a few different products. A lot of these I turn down but occasionally something really interesting and solid lands...

07th Aug 2014
travel planning service backpacker rtw trip

Introducing My New Travel Planning Service!

Now being on the road for my third consecutive year of travel it’s fair to say I’m pretty clued up on the world of backpacker and long term travel! I’ve...

06th Aug 2014
travel weekend break backpacking iceland

Monthly Travel Summary, Stats and Budget – July ’14

July was an odd month. Without going into too many details I took a job, worked, realised I didn’t want to be there and quit! In the meantime I headed...

29th Jul 2014
iceland reykjavik excursions photos tours day trip travel weekend (1 of 18)

Iceland In Pictures

When I decide to travel to Iceland I’d heard quite a bit about how beautiful the landscape was and although my primary drives to visiting there lay underwater I was keen...

25th Jul 2014
loft hostel iceland reykjavik

HOSTEL REVIEW – Loft Hostel – Reykjavik, Iceland

  When I headed to Iceland I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to get up to – freediving Silfra being the main aim of the game...

23rd Jul 2014
campervan east coast of australia

The East Coast Of Australia, How Long Should You Take?

  Australia is one of the top backpacking travel spots on the planet and somewhere I’ve spent quite a bit of time on my own travels. One of the questions...

15th Jul 2014
freedive silfra iceland aida ssi courses (5 of 11)

Freediving Between Two Continents In Iceland!

Ever since I first discovered the world of Freediving in Koh Tao just over a year ago I was pretty hooked. It mixed my love of the ocean with a...

14th Jul 2014
khao lak scuba adventures similans liveaboard diving thailand (1 of 1)

Travel Photo Of The Week – The Similan Islands, Thailand

There’s many times on my travels that I’ve stared at the scene in front of me and I’ve simply opened my arms, let out a scream of appreciation and soaked...

10th Jul 2014
iceland pony trek icelandic horse day trip eldhestar (1 of 5)

Exploring Iceland On Horse Back With Eldhestar

When Chris asked me what I wanted to do in Iceland, the only thing I said was “HORSE-RIDING!”. Yes, the block capitals were necessary! I’ve been riding horses since I...